Movement Monitoring Survey

Since soon after the pier was constructed some of the supporting piles have been subject to subsidence. This does not represent a danger to the public as the movement is incredibly slow and small, but over the last 142 years this movement has continued to an extent that future projects need to account for it.

Our study is limited as initial inspection by our structural surveyors indicates that only one pair of piles shows any evidence movement in the last 60 years. Previously the level of the pier was adjusted by the process of “shimming”, whereby metal plates are inserted on top of the piles to maintain the level.

The study involves fixing reflectors to the pier (shown in the photograph) and then taking very accurate laser based measurements using the reflectors and super accurate GPS.

As we approach the end of the study, indications are that there is no movement in the pier piles and consequently the costs for future pier restoration projects will be reduced.

The study will be completed in second quarter 2023.


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