Tractor unit 1 restoration and repair

Tractor 1 had been out of service since 2019. Prior inspection had shown the tractor to be in need of new running gear and general restoration. The engineering team at Blue Funnel Ferries made the repairs with parts and materials bought by HPHA. The tractor was tripped of old paint and repainted in Moss Green with white interior. New wooden slates for luggage rack and a new storage box were made. The painting and the woodwork was performed in the Hythe Shed by the team of volunteers.

The tractor is also known by its original number of 16307

HPHA managed and supervised the works together with Blue Funnel as a collaborative project.

Prior to commencement of the work Blue Funnel has gifted ownership of tractor 1 to Hythe Pier Heritage Association.

The tractor was brought back into service at the “Back On Track” celebration on 6th May, 2021. It was named “Gerald Yorke” in honour of the engineer who introduced the train in 1922 and the ribbon was cut by his grandson Nigel Hasted.


Project Funding Organisations

This project was fully funded by HPHA from donations made by the Hythe community.